Cute baby animals

In case you needed a bit of levity and a bit of awwwww-inducement in your day — not to mention a touching reminder of what we’re fighting for (as if we needed it!) — here’s a lovely short video from the BBC about baby animals:


Loved the bit with Stephen Fry at the end. You could tell he’s incredibly moved by all that he’s seen, and who can blame him? Lucky man.

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Dallas Green Festival

We made it to the Dallas Green Festival! We had a booth at the event at the Texas Discovery Gardens yesterday, and boy, were we lucky. Great weather, great location (we had tons of foot traffic!), and great results. We added over 50 folks to our Local Action list, and generated over 5 full pages of signatures for the Red Lobster petition. Yay! Considering that this is the first organized event we’ve done since launching the Dallas group just a little over a month ago, I consider this a huge success.

Check out some of the pics we took of the event in our new Photo Gallery. There aren’t a lot right now, but we’ll be better prepared in the future. We were too excited to take a lot of photos!

The next event at which we’ll be sponsoring a booth is the Texas State Veggie Fair at White Rock Lake. That’ll be on Sunday, October 23, from 11am to 6pm. If you’re not in the mood for deep fried corn dogs and would rather celebrate the arrival of crisp autumn weather with a bountiful vegan feast, this is your place to be. Stop by, say Hi, and consider signing the petition for the Red Lobster protest. Hope to see you there!


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Thank you for visiting our site!

Welcome to, an online community for activists in North Texas working together with fellow activists around the world to end the horrific, brutal and inhumane slaughter of harp seals in Canada.

We’re going to be in various events around the region, including the Dallas Green Festival and the Texas State Veggie Fair, in addition to meeting with other like-minded organizations, including the local Sea Shepherd chapter and the Texas chapter for Mercy for Animals. Please come back often to be updated on where we’ll be, what we’ll be doing, and most importantly, what you can do to help. And if you have any questions, please email us anytime, and we’ll be get back to you ASAP. Oh, and please do follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook! Thanks again for visiting!


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